Fellowship Campfires

Fellowship Campfires

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Creating a fellowship has 3 huge advantages. The first being a quick means of travel through “Campfires” , the second being a way to share XP with players in that fellowship (even if they are offline) - this has been nerfed, and the third is get the additional benefits for your group. I use this a lot for when I am holding a camp and need to merchant - I either gate/use throne of heroes/or origin then when I am done selling I use the campfire to get back usually before they are back at full mana. I have my characters and alts in the fellowship and if something drops that an alt could use that is no trade I pull the char loot then origin back. The special campfires can give you additional benefits if you plan on pulling to one place - I can use the Aura of Skinspikes when I don't have a mage/druid/ranger in the group and have additional spikes on Vigueur. I also place a campfire if it took a while to crawl back to a camp location. Make sure you put it in a somewhat safe spot then if you wipe you can be back and rezzing in minutes and then you can move forward from there. Some instances will let you set campfires but won't let you clickie to the campfire so I suggest setting the campfire outside the instance (I do this with heroic adventures so I don't have to remember to recast with each HA and anguish runs). I also used this getting ldon missions - I made Top leader then she would campfire to the mission giver then gate into the ldon start zone and got call of the hero to the group then enter the instance and go.


Whenever three or more people are grouped and are close to each other, they can create a fellowship (Control+Shift+F).

Up to 12 people can be in a fellowship together.

Whenever three or more people in a fellowship are together in the same zone, and are close to each other, they can create a Campfire.

Campfires last for approximately 6 hours. Once placed, members use their Fellowship Registration Insignia Clickie to gate back to the campfire (they do not need to be grouped once the campfire has been placed).

Other members of the fellowship can teleport directly to a campfire using a Fellowship Registration Insignia.

Campfires can be created that apply effects to those in the fellowship near it.

You may only be a member of one fellowship at a time. There is a lockout timer if you leave a fellowship before you can join another fellowship.

Creating a fellowship requires 3 players to be grouped and close to each other.

Creating a Campfire

A campfire can be created in most places whenever three or more members of the same fellowship are present close to each other (less than typical spell range). To create a campfire:

Open the fellowship window and go to the second tab Camp.

Select the type of campfire to create from the drop down list. The None – show all type will show all campfires you are able to currently create.

The default campfire, Fellowship of Honor, can always be created and requires no components. Other campfires require components as detailed below.

Refresh the list to display the available campfires.

Select the campfire to create. If you already have another existing campfire you must destroy it first.

If you receive the message You do not have enough fellowship members in the zone to create a campfire you either have less than 3 members in the zone or the members are not close enough together.

If you receive the message The ground here is too steep to camp then you will have to find another, flatter spot to create your campfire. Note that in some areas it seems overly sensitive and you get the message even on very level ground. If this happens just run around the area clicking the create button constantly and you should eventually get a campfire made.

The Fellowship of Honor campfire can be created and destroyed with no reuse timer. Other campfires can be created/destroyed at will but consume components each time they are created.

Depending on how many members are in the zone and near it, the Fellowship of Honor campfire last many hours

Teleporting To a Campfire

Once a campfire is setup any member of the fellowship can teleport to it using their Fellowship Registration Insignia obtained from Randall of the Fellows. Target him and “/say how“.

The insignia has an instant cast time and a 15 minute recast. You must be in a rest state and cannot be invisible when using it.

Using the insignia when your fellowship doesn’t have a campfire setup will result in you having to wait 15 minutes to use it again.

Campfire Effects

The basic campfire, Fellowship of Honor, can be created without any components, all other campfires require certain components. The list of all campfires along with a brief description can be viewed in the fellowship window. Click the camp tab, choose the None – show all type, and check the Show All Possible button. Hit refresh to show them all and select one to view its description on the right side of the window.

Each campfire requires two separate components, a Fellowship Kit and a Bundle of Wood. The kit determines the type of effect and the bundle determines its strength. There are a large variety of wood bundles priced from and are available from Fellow Bylie or Fellow Wyllie in the same room as Randall in the building next to the Nexus Stone. For a more detailed list of the special campfires.
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