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A lot of folks are always working on upgrading augs and here are a couple links I found to find where and who they drop off of

Augment Search engine

SoD, HoT, VoA Augs list

If you ever wondered what expansion a certain type of augment is from -

Aug Wiki

Some Quest series augments (these also show up in your Hero's Journey as conquest achievements)

Levels 15+ around Serpent's Spine zones Wanderlust Guild Loadstone

Levels 15+ LDONs Adventurer's Stone Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem

Levels 65+ around Gates of Discord - Breakdown in Communication caster aug, melee aug, hybrid aug, healer aug

Levels 45+ around Depths of Darkhollow Slipgear's Gem

Levels 80+ in Dragonscale Hills & Fortress Mechanotus Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus

Levels 80+ in Hills of Shade Blessed Celestine Faycite
& Cursed Obsidian Faycite & Valthun's Memory Shard

Levels 80+ in Old Bloodfields, City of Danik, & Korafax Dark Soul Crystal

Ones that show up as multiple achievements but not a conquest one

65+ in Buried Sea expansion Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand

75+ in Oceangreen Hills & Village & Old Blackburrow Bayle's Heraldic Crest

80+ in Bloody Kithicor & Old Commonlands Blood of the Fallen

75+ in Loping Plains Purified Flawless Faycite Triad

90+ in Shard Landing Stone of the Crystal Circle

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