Why Tribute?

Why Tribute?

Postby tophevy » Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:37 pm

Has your group gotten a mob down to the last couple % and then you wiped?

Well you can have that little extra help that you can turn on and off when you need it, however it will cost you. Tribute is awesome to turn on right before a named mob to give you that little edge to get you thru that last couple % alive instead of a wipe. I usually only do this on my Tank - the rest of us evac when he goes down hehe. You give tribute to your tribute master and there is one in the guild hall. Make sure you pick the right one, there is also a guild tribute master in the guild hall. You have to have contributed enough tribute for the active amount you have chosen for the activate button to light up. Once it is activated it will continue to eat away at your current favor every 10 minutes until you deactivate it or it is less than the amount of your active amount.

One of the best places I have found tribute is to do an LDoN missions. At 100, I can complete an LDoN in less than 15 minutes and generally one of the mobs drops a drop able item that grants from 14-28K in tribute. I have a campfire at the LDON mission giver then Top campfires as leader gets a new mission then gates to the entry zone and we call of the hero her and rinse and repeat. I figure I'm working on the charm, getting updates for the compass, and getting tribute so multi-tasking at it is best. Here are a few more lists to help you decide what is worthwhile:

Tribute Items over 10K

3K-10K Tribute Items Huge (4K+)

1K-3K Tribute Items Very Huge (5K+)
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