Dragonlords Tradeskiller Directory

Dragonlords Tradeskiller Directory

Postby tophevy » Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:31 am

I'm a big tradeskiller - Salvage 6/6

Baking - 300 - Denmother's Rolling Pin - max AA
Blacksmithing - 300 - Blacksmith's Adamantine Hammer - max AA
Brewing - 300 - Brewmaster's Mug - max AA
Fletching - 300 - Fletcher's Arrow - max AA
Jewellery - 300 - Intricate Jewelers Glass - max AA
Pottery - 300 - Clay Flinger's Loop - max AA
Tailoring - 300 (Halfling Karana) - Mystical Bolt - max AA

I currently have the Coldain Shawl 2.0 done thru 7 Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl. I didn't get to pick as the instructions say it just gave me this one probably because WIS was the highest heroic. I will need to get the guild to help with the last one - it is a raid in Convorteum The First Creation. I will probably level a little before I ask for help though. If you are working on the Shawl - Trielle is able to Enchant the Palladium & Cosgrite Bars(currently have 9 in bank - just send me a tell and I will parcel to you). Read up on this a little more will require lots of pre-requisite raiding - lots of the Underfoot raids.

I have started working on the 3.0 Coldain Shawl, it requires you to have gotten thru the group version of the coldain 2.0 shawl and all not adjusted skills to be at 300. Woot the #7 quest gets you the aug! I've got mine Prayer Shawl of the Duke- good luck on yours!

Vayper is 300 in Tinkering - 6/7 trophy 25% & 261 in Research
Sneex is 300 in Poison - Peerless Pestle
Thia is 300 in Alchemy - Mundunugau Medicine Stick
Colere is 293 Blacksmithing (Dwarf Brell) - working on trophy
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