A Request. What to pick up! Poison & Alchemy Info

A Request. What to pick up! Poison & Alchemy Info

Postby tophevy » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:29 pm

Hi! I know MANY of us ignore all those nasty leaf-like drops we get because they suck up inventory space like nobody's business and it seems rare that the components are actually needed by anyone. I admit to not being savvy on all the cool things that can be made with Alchemy (other than Resonant potions!) but as for Poison components I can say that the guild would certainly benefit from having certain ones collected. I would like to request that the following ones either be placed in the bank, or given to me so I can make the poisons available for folks who need:

Pristine, Immaculate, Flawless, Tainted Delphinium
Pristine, Immaculate, Flawless, Tainted Privit
Pristine, Immaculate, Flawless, Tainted Muscimol
Purified Grade AA Gormar/Nigriventer Venom
Distilled Grade A, B, C Gormar/Nigriventer Venom

Pristine: Level 85
Immaculate: Level 90
Flawless: Level 95
Tainted: Level 100
Purified Grade AA: Level 85
Distilled Grade C: Level 90
Distilled Grade B: Level 95
Distilled Grade A: Level 100

Anything other than these may still be given to me especially if you need something made for yourself with them, or (even better!) you can ask another rogue if they need them for skillups, however you should NOT place anything else in the bank poison-wise because it will clog it up unmercifully and will only make poisons few can use. Thank you.

Now for why these are important:

Delphinium/Privit: These create the highest damage Rogue poisons. These do twice the base damage of Bite of the Shissar, the standard poison, and it has a concussive effect to it. In addition if there is a second rogue in the party or raid and each rogue uses a different one of one of these two poisons (Makes Tallon's/Vallon's Tactic, so each rogue would use a different one) there is a damage multiplier which makes it even more effective. With multiple rogues in a raid this makes a big difference.

Muscimol: Rogues may stack two poisons provided both are not DD poisons. The second must be a utility poison. Although in groups there are a variety of wonderful poisons which can be made with many components not requested, the most important and frequently-used utility poison is made with muscimol: Quellious' Trauma. It lowers aggro over time and every bit of aggro help rogues can get is good, especially when using Tallon's/Vallon's Tactic as mentioned above.

Nigriventer: Spider's Bite. This is weaker poison than what Rogues can use but it also adds Direct Damage and can also crit during melee proccing. A whole raid filled with people using this, especially in the absence of a shaman (I don't believe Spider's stacks with Talisman but I could be wrong) will be significant.

Gormar: Scorpion's Agony. If your tank needs help with aggro this adds damage similar to Spider's Bite but also grants aggro.

Other Notes:

Of course these won't exclusively be available to raiders but it is a nice perk. The other good poison components are Oleander (procs slow) and Larkspur (procs snare). Any rogue working on their trophy or on skillups will appreciate anything they can get as far as components go but all mentioned are the preference if you wish to keep your inventory space.

I would also like to mention that it is easy to tell Alchemy and Poison components apart. Poison components will say 'wilted, superior, immaculate', etc, and Alchemy components will only say Lucidem, Aderirse Bur, etc.

Speaking of Alchemy...

Please collect and deposit any Dusts you find to the guild bank. I will work on Alchemy in order to make use of them if we do not have a Shaman expert available. Dusts (Dream Dust, Essence of Alaris, etc) will create Resonant Elemental potions which proc Direct Damage nukes the same way melee poisons do. It is a mini Mana Recursion. It does not stack with that enchanter line but there may not often be one handy that can keep that aura on the group so it's a great help to those who can boom.

If there are any Shamans able and willing to make these potions, using a few dusts to make Resonant Fire is good too because Mages don't use their magic line much anymore. Similarly, Necromancers appreciate Efficiency Affinity potions to increase the duration of their DoTs.

Thank you all for reading up on how you can help!
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