Muramite Proving Grounds Single-Group Trials (MPG)

Muramite Proving Grounds Single-Group Trials (MPG)

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I just finished these with my group of 92s today (WAR, ENC, MAG, CLR, NEC, DRU). The reason you want to do these is that they raise your resists caps. All the write ups were saying it raises caps by 5 each but my group went from 725 to 775 not sure if it is due to our level though. There are 6 trials and you get 8 to all resists for first 5 and 10 to all resists for the last one. There was only one of these that was difficult but just due to the time limit and me running all 6 by myself (Subversion). Each trial is around 15 minutes to accomplish most of the tasks. Minimum level is 70 on these.

Pretty good writeup of all the trials MPG Single-Group Trials.

You have 6 Group Expeditions (alt Z). Once you successfully complete an expedition, you will be locked out of all expeditions for almost 2 hours (1 hr 50 min was what I was seeing). Invis will get you thru most of the zone however closer to the Projections you will get mostly see invis mobs. When you get the expedition your compass will have a line telling you which way to go for the instance (usually a large metal looking pillar behind the Projection.)

Quest #1 The Mastery of Destruction (Group)
Where - Muramite Proving Grounds
From - Projection of Power
Straight forward kill 20 mobs in 15 minutes. They spawn in groups of 1 to 3. You will get time warnings on how much time you have left.

Quest #2 The Mastery of Efficiency (Group)
Where - Muramite Proving Grounds
From - Projection of Arcana
Survive 4 waves of 3-4 mobs. Some can be mezzed - an elite Muramite soldier and Muramite Commander are not mezzable. We didn't mezz anything due to low levels. There is a AE Test of Efficiency dot but was only doing 15 damage per tick with saves over 750 - this could not be cured with RC9 so they must have changed this RC3 definately not. Regen more than offset so I didn't worry about it.

Quest #3 The Mastery of Ingenuity (Group)
Where - Muramite Proving Grounds
From - Projection of Realms
This one says you have to kill Dragorns to get special weapons to kill the final mob. My ENC, MAG, and NEC pets killed the final mob without killing any Dragorns.

Quest #4 The Mastery of Weaponry (Group)
Where: Muramite Proving Grounds
From -Projection of Body
This one you had to have the correct weapon to be able to hit the different mobs except for my ENC, MAG, and NEC pets kept the same weapons (1HS) and were able to hit all of them.

Quest #5 The Mastery of Fear (Group)
Where - Muramite Proving Grounds
From - Projection of Mind
This one you will get random number of mobs some can be feared others couldn't and usually stated as fearless. We didn't fear just killed everything however they seemed to have more than normal hitpoints.

Quest #6 The Mastery of Subversion (Group)
Where - Muramite Proving Grounds
From - Projection of Tactics
This was a pain. There are three kind of chests which different char types have to untrap and unlock. Then you loot the coin which has a value of 10 or 20 or 30. The game will keep track for you the goal is to get to 300 in 15 minutes. Since I bott my chars I could only do one at a time. They suggest sending different types to do their types. I just went around the room in a circle. There are 2 Dragorn that patrol and need to be killed if you have gotten agro. They are quick kills and also can have coins. Pet will not attack the chests. The last person to loot the coin that breaks 300 will get agro from the named mob which you then need to kill. The chests were marked as trapped or not so you didn't have to do the test for a trap. We didn't have a rogue so my war took down the trapped ironbound chests and all we saw were resist messages at 765 resists. You get the spells to do the untrap and unlock from LDON camps for 60 pts a piece - get the greater ones (different kinds for priests and casters).

Since it was way trival we didn't get any AA but did get the 50 to raise all our resist caps. Hope this helps.
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