Dragons of Norrath Progression (DON)

Dragons of Norrath Progression (DON)

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Dragons of Norrath Progression(good)or ]Dragons of Norrath Progression(evil)

I just did this last week with my group so while it is still fresh in my mind I did this write-up - hope this helps. Dragons of Norrath is all about faction. You get Radiant Crystals & Norrath's Keepers Tokens (good side) or Ebon Crystals & Dark Reign Tokens (evil side). The Tokens get you faction and the Crystals are used to buy you augs or items. The Crystals are tradeable and used to sold in the bazaar by players however if you bought a bunch of items from one side or the other your faction will be leaning to the side you bought a lot from. This will become important if you want to become inline with the oppossite side. This means you will need to do more faction raising quests after Choosing a Side to get to the indifferent faction state. The Norrath Keeper's Faction progression quests (good side) and the Dark Reign Faction progression quests (evil side)The faction raising quests are at the Wayfarers camp out in the open in Lavastorm Mountains. Once you reach indifferent they will no longer give you quests at the Wayfarers camp and you will need to go to your side of the tunnel going to Broodlands - left entrance is Norrath Keepers and right entrance is Dark Reign. If you get to do the raids prior to the factions work (someone that has done the work will have to request the raids) it is wise to check your faction. The time I did this with Dragonlords & Order of War we did good side so keep that in mind if you choose the evil side you might not be able to find many people with that faction. The progression quests can generally be done in the normal zones. However the missions & raids are done in instanced zones off of Broodlands. When you zone in, a line will be on your compass that will take you to the correct instance zone. With the successful completion of each raid/mission/progression quest you are given a Token these are lore and can be turned in toTatsujiro the Serene (good side)and Xeib Darkskies (evil side) if your faction is high enough. This is how you increase your faction with each camp. If you do multiple raids like I did, turn in your token each time to get the faction boost this will save you time faction grinding later.

As stated above, there are reasons to do these even though they are grey. I was able to do a lot of the raids and missions in 15 to 30 minutes with a group of 91s (5 being bot chars). I tried botting the last one with a couple of other guildies and it does not work. Vish sends your chars flying off in different directions however all the other raids were easily one group of bots doable. I'm not sure if they allow mercs into the raids - most of the write-ups said no. The raids have from 6 to 12 of the needed specific drops each time. You need to put these in the bank until your faction is where it needs to be to request the raids - if you try to turn them in ahead of that point they might just eat your piece and you would have to do it again. The raids can be requested with a single group if your faction is at the correct level.

Tier One - Your stats cap will be raised by 10 points. This requires that you have indifferent faction and at least level 65, 3 specific solo tasks and the first group task.

Tier Two - Gets you 250 hps/mana/end & a 69 level spell/tome. This requires that you have amiable faction, 3 additional specific tasks, one group mission, and the first raid.

Tier Three - A couple aa and an additional buff slot. This requires that you have high amiable faction and at least level 68 (possibly 67?), 3 additional specific tasks, one group mission, and the third & fourth raid.

Tier Four - A couple aa and an increased chance to critical hits/blasts, heals and DoTs. This requires that you have kindly faction and the next three raids.

Tier Five - Increases you ability to resist detrimental spells (this does not raise your resists cap). This requires warmly faction, one group mission and the last two raids.

The above rewards are considered new passive abilities and show up under the special abilities aa tab.
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