DKP System and Bid Process

DKP System and Bid Process

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DKP System and Bid process

DKP will be awarded as follows
1 DKP for being on time and ready for raids.
2 DKP for a loss (this is per boss, instance or event depending on the raid)
4 DKP for a win (this is per boss, instance or event depending on the raid)
DKP and attendance will be give by time stamps or raid dumps
A time stamp or raid dump will be taken at start time and at the end of loot on each event.

There are also ways to earn Bonus DKP
Upon confirmation of acquiring your epic 2.0 you receive a 5DKP bonus
Once your application process is completed and you are a full raid team member you receive a 50 DKP bonus.
Upon beating a raid for the first time ever as a raid team the raid will receive a 5 DKP bonus ( which mean 9DKP for that event)
Good raid attendance is another way to earn Bonus DKP
100% Raid attendance for 1 month you get 10 DKP bonus at the end of the month
100% Raid attendance for 7 months in a row you get a extra 10 DKP on top of the 10 DPK you earned for having 100% attendance for that month. So 20 DKP
100% Raid attendance for a year straight you get an extra 20 DKP on to of your 6 month and monthly attendance bonuses. So 40DKP.
Another way to earn DKP is by donating to the guild and guild tribute.
For every 5 dollars cash you donate to the guild you get 2 DKP.
For every 10K tribute you donate to guild tribute you get 1 DKP
There will also be bonus DKP give for posts in the forums. You will recive 2DKP for every 10 posts you make in the forums.
The raid leader and guild leader my also award bonus DKP to the guild as they see fit.

There are also ways to lose DKP.
Breaking raid rules will cause DKP loss.
If you rage quite a raid you will lose 50% of your DKP (rage quiteing is leaveing in the middle of a raid without notifying anyone.)
AKFing during raids. You will lose 10 DKP every time you are found to be afk during raids.
If you are a raid member, online and not in raids you will lose 10 DKP.
Please remember that andy violation of the rules and not listening to the raid leader can and will cause DKP loss and removal from the raid and possibly the raid team.

All loot will be done by silent bids by an officer of the raid leaders choose. An officer can not bid on an item they are taking bids for.

Minimum bids/Standard DKP amounts for items
All weapon and armor drop bids start at 5 DKP
All spell drop bids start at 2 DKP

Bidding is done in four rounds.
Round 1: Raid member mains with 50%+ raid attendance can bid. After round 1 if no mains bid the item will go to round 2
Round 2: Raid member mains with less than 50% raid attendance and applicants with 50%+ raid attendance. If no one bids during round 2 the loot will go into round 3
Round 3: Raid member applicants with less than 50% raid attendance
At this time if there are still items without bids they will go to guests and alts to roll on which would be round round 4.
You may only loot one piece of armor, one weapon and up to two spells per night.

These rounds will be 1 minute long. You will have had sufficient time to review the item and decide if you want it or not. The same rule applies to all subsequent rounds of bidding.

How to bid:
An Officer or the Raid Leader will call "Round 1, please send tells for <linked item> with bids." At this time you would send the Officer who did the call with the DKP amount you wish to bid on the item.
If the Officer calls second call on the linked item that does not mean it is going to round 2 that means they are making sure they got all the bids.
If there where bids the Officer will then say "grats soandso <linked item> the amount of DKP they won it for"
If noone bids in round 1 then the Officer will call "Round 2, please send tells for <linked item> with bids."
The same process will go for round 2 and maybe round 3
After Round 3 if the item has still not been bid on it will go into Round 4.
If the item is left at the end as "rot", the officer who was taking bids will loot it a put it into guild tribute or on the wall if placeable.
We reserve the right to award an item to a certain member or class based on attendance, performance and benefit to the raid team. This is limited to one piece of armor, one weapon and two spells per week. These items, the member or class its going to, will be announced prior to the raid.

All loot will be tacked in the DKP roster.

For fun and to mix things up a little the raid leader may randomly decide that we are going to do a roll for loot night.

All raid times and dates will be posted in the guild event page, forums and on the raids page. Please make sure you are checking these weekly. If you have any questions and or concerns please talk to Oakenblade or another officer.
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