Raiding Rules

Raiding Rules

Postby Oakenblade » Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:01 pm

Raid Rules

1. Listen and follow instructions! Never question an order by the raid leader, follow blindly. This means no moving anywhere or engaging anything without instructions to do so. You can post in the forums or send Oakenblade an email for any issues/suggestions at MINIMUM of 2 days before, or shortly after the raid is called. The raid leader doesn’t need the stress of adding everybody’s 2 cents to the raid plan 5 minutes prior to starting, or worse, during events. If you have a suggestion you may speak up after a wipe or once raids are called.

2. Obey the orders and instructions of the raid officers. These officers serve as group leaders, as well as the advisory committee of the raid leader. They were hand selected by Oakenblade and have his full trust. As of now these officers include Masa, Broogaluk, and Krana. Chimergloom is the raid co-leader. If you cross them, Oakenblade will NOT take your side.

3. If you are online, and on the raid team, you should be in raid. Due to different schedules for different people you are expected to do what you can to attend all events. Excusable lateness or absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis if you send Oakenblade an in-game email BEFORE the absence. Attendance percentages will be posted frequently and if your attendance falls below 50%, you will have 10 DKP taken away. If you miss an event without sending Oakenblade an in-game email beforehand you will have 10 dkp taken. If it becomes a habit you may have privileges taken or be removed from the raid team.

4. Read the raid strategies and do your progression. Make sure you are checking for the scheduled raids, reading the raid strats and doing the progression that is required before raids every week. If you are not flagged for a raid you may not be able to get in.

5. All raid communication is done with Ventrilo. If you do not have Ventrilo download it free at You do not have to talk, but you MUST be able to listen. If this is an issue talk to Oakenblade. Please ask any guild member for help if needed before raids.

6. Be on time. You should be in the guild hall at least 15 minutes before raid time to receive a raid invite. At start time we will do buffs, set groups and give directions on where we are going and what we are doing. If you are late you will be allowed to raid but you must wait until we are between events. Being on time awards DKP bonus. Raid days and times will be in the forum.

7. We have three types of events that we do; progressions, group nights, and raids. Progression/group nights will be fairly laxed so talking in vent will be permitted within reason. Do not monopolize and do NOT talk over the raid leader. For raids vent will ONLY be used for instructions. So if your name isn’t group leader or raid leader, do not talk in vent on raid nights or use the raid channel. A separate channel will be made for chit-chatting. Raiding will not take place until We have 30 members show up to events, for 3 consecutive days. Until then, it will be group progression. If you want this to change and want raids, help recruit.

8. No tells to the raid leader unless you’re a group leader. If you have something the raid leader needs to know, bring it up with the group leader and he/she will make the determination if it needs to be channeled up to the raid leader.

9. You are required to put all your concentration on the raid, i.e. do not read websites on your second computer and such. Do not go afk during the raid unless the leader calls a break or if you bring it up with your group leader, who will bring it to the raid leader’s attention. If there is an "emergency" tell your group leader if possible. Do not play a box character while you are raiding period.

10. Always wait for an assist call from the tank(s) before you engage a target.

11. Do not gate or zone out during a raid unless you are asked to do so by the raid leader. We fight together, we win together or we will die together. You will be rezzed, do not abandon your guild mates! The raid leader will let you know if we are going to try again. Do not rez in the guild lobby unless we are specifically told it is ok to do so by the raid leader.

12. All raid members are expected to raid. That means no raiding with other guilds on our raid days or in the content we are raiding. Be mindful of what our upcoming events will be so you don’t initiate a lockout timer on what we’ll be doing, disabling your participation. 5 DKP will be deducted for this infraction.

13. Always bring your main to raids. Show up and expect to be raiding on your main. The raid leader may ask you or you may ask the raid leader to bring an alt but you may not box so please keep raid attendance in mind for your main. If the raid leader ask you to bring an alt to benefit the raid the DKP and attendance will count towards you as a person and not your characters.

14. All members must have a way to become invisible, levitate and shrink whether by spell, clicky item or potions. We will try to have these items in the guild bank or on hand.

15. You are required to stay in a zone until all loot is finished and the raid leader calls raids or says to move. This will help insure that your raid attendance and DKP are correct. Also you should not zone into an instance unless the raid leader tells you to.

16. All raid members are required to read the raid rules and DKP System. There are no exceptions. If you have questions please ask.

17. It is also required that you check the website and forums once a week. This ensures communication between all members and that all members are reading the raid strats. I will know who is and who is not doing this.

18. If you rage quit a raid you will not be allowed to raid the rest of the night and will be required to attend a meeting with officers before raiding again, to settle the issue. You will also be docked 50% of your DKP once the rage quit is verified. If you rage quit the guild during raids you will need 90% officer approval to reapply. Then you will have to go through the application process and be approved by the guild and start over on DKP. If you are accepted back into the guild and rage quit again you will not be allowed to return.

19. All loot is assigned via the DKP system and bid process. The DKP system is listed below and will be followed at all times unless we are doing an open raid.

20. If you're a Dragon Knight, you WILL download all of the zone maps. It's not right to have other raiders pick up your slack because you're too lazy to download maps. It's really easy. If you don't know how to do it, ask somebody.

21. We understand that real life offers many circumstances that would make it difficult to attend all events. Sometimes you may be incapacitated for a day, a week, or even a month. The 50% attendance policy is extremely laxed compared to other guilds, but on top of that we are instituting a leave/excused absence program that will help alleviate the stress of attendance requirements. If you do not let somebody know when you won't be available to raid, then your attendance will take a hit. The leave program is as follows:

- Let one of the raid officers (primarily Oakenblade) know when you're not going to be able to attend AHEAD OF TIME when possible. Send an in-game email or a tell.
- There is an allowance of 2 raid nights per month for each raider when something comes up.
- There is an allowance of 5 weeks per year you can take off. Just send a tell or email saying "I'll be gone for a week (or two) starting X date."
- There is an allowance of 1 month per year that you can take off. Again, just send a tell or email saying "I'll be gone for a month starting X date." Or if you aren't on for a month because of some extenuating circumstance, let somebody know "Hey I was gone for a month because of blah blah blah." and we'll hook you up.

If you break any of the rules and/or cause the raid to fail and/or wipe you may have DKP deducted, be removed from the raid, have bidding rights taken away , be suspended from raids for a specified amount of time or even removed from the guild depending on the offence and as raid leader sees fit. We are a team whether grouping, progressing or raiding, following these rules as well as the guild charter will help to ensure victory after victory. If you have any questions or thoughts about the rules, raiding or progressing please talk to Oakenblade, or another officer.
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby MasaBlassa » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:37 pm

Read 08-01-2014
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby chimergloom » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:17 am

read them
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Janellai » Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:07 pm

I have read and understood the raiding rules.
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Surastil » Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:37 am

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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby lilball » Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:20 pm

Read them yesterday but forgot password (again-duh)
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Archonos » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:15 am

Read and understood.
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Snatchinn » Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:29 am

I read all kinds of rules many of them i do not understand, whats a dkp?
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Oakenblade » Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:08 pm

DKP is short for "Dragon Kill Points"

They are awarded for raids and used as currency to bid on items or gear dropped on raid events.
Basically it works like this:
1 point for showing up on time
1 point per hour raiding
2 points per raid success
5 points for each first-time success
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Re: Raiding Rules

Postby Rowwl » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:09 am

I have read them :)
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