Raiding 101

Raiding 101

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Must Have

A way to shrink
A way to levi
A way to Invis normal

Join your class raid channels (if available)
Hotkeys Check your class forums
SEND TELLS FOR BUFFS not in vent please
Do NOT AFK during raids unless otherwise said its ok

Recommended aa's:
Combat Agility
Combat Stability
Planar Power
Discordant Defiance
Delay Death
General Sturdiness
Mystic Attuning
Innate Runspeed 5

Your class specific stat
Healers Earthen Sagacity
Mele DPS Earthen Artistry and Earthen Brawn
Pure Casters Earthen Brilliance
Mezers Earthen Allure
Tanks Earthen Artistry, Earthen Brawn and Earthen Stability

For more see your class forums

The Raid buff

This may need some correcting.. I am good but I know what I need and for what reason
But I am no a dps so wingin some of this

First put up whatever Insta clicks you have
then whatever slower clicks you have
then your slowest clicks.
This will help you rebuff quickly if a mob despells you

Buffs by class

Temperance Line - Reselience?? HP ac buff
Symbol - HP buff stacks with druid buff Blessing
Aura of Pious - damage mitigation

Blessing HP AC buff
Aura of life - disease cure

Unity hp stats cap atk buff of sorts
Talisman of panther Shamy group only damage increase buff

Ranger buffs
Guard of earth line - ac buff + ds
preditor - atk and double atk increase
and the other one that doesnt stack with brels

Thiefs Eyes - group only makes it less likely to miss attacks

Bloodlust aura - increases damage
battlecry - short durration raid wide increase to damage or crit???

Aura of - 100 hands effect makes you atk faster

paragon - short deration huge mana regen
Spiritual Vitality?? - hp nama regen

Champions aura - Ac buff
War cry - group short durration fear resist

Brels - HP buff

Shadow Knight

2.0 short durration has a life sap fast procking buff

Circle of magmaskin - Ds
Mod rods - Mana clickies

dead men floating - levitation
Mind flay line - group mana tap


Clairvoiance line - Mana regen
Haste - makes you attack faster

Raid mob inc

Phase 1
Ramp tank tags mob
on inc mage malos
Main tank grabs agro
Shamy hits short durration slow then long durration slow
clerics heal

Phase 2
dps torns auto attack on counts to 10 and dps go
zerkers cast battle cry
shamys hit epic
and away with the dps
shamys heal there groups the best they can while keeping panther up
basters burn.. no insta nukes at the begining ease into them they are extremely high agro
rogs must evade necros FD evade however you can See class forums for more
Tanks hold on and pray

just a small correction. Instead of dead men floating, use perfected levitation instead. The problem with dead men floating is that it blocks spirit of eagle or flight of eagles. I would prefer to have the run speed (since it is still faster than run speed 5, its about equivalent to run speed :sick:. Now monks, rangers, bards with all their AAs run the same speed as SoE/FoE (without running selo's). Some people have mounts that are just as fast. But mounts cant be used everywhere, and not everyone has them, so i would prefer a mass buffing of FoE instead of DMF.
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