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Pretty much just follow the guild rules. No bad language, respect, honor, treat others how you want to be treated. Do not use any nude or dirty pic for in signatures.
If you do not follow the rules you will be warned and could possibly be suspended or removed for the site.

Dragonlords - Rules

Postby tophevy » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:47 am

Guild Rules

1. Members of The Dragonlords play fair in accordance with the EQ Play Nice Policy. That means no kill stealing, ninja looting, intentional training, or excessive use of profanity in public chats. We also do not condone hacking and any member that is found to do this will be guild removed and reported to officials.

2. Avoid using profanity and spamming in any public channel like /ooc or /shout. Profanity in guild chat is permitted, but if it's worse than family guy you've gone way to far. If you are asked to tone it down by an officer, bring it down a notch.

3. Public drama is not tolerated. If you have an issue, handle it in tells. If that doesn’t work, contact an officer, explain the situation, and they will try to help.

4. No leeching. If you are constantly grouping with people and afking for long periods or time this is considered leeching. The is not very honorable or respectful to the others in your group who more times than not need your help with the mobs. There are exception to this if you have been invited by higher level players to come "soak up exp " that’s a deal with that particular group.

5. The Dragonlords strive to be respectable, honorable and friendly. Do not belittle, talk down to, put down, harass, or treat others badly, including guild-mates.

6. Items in the Guild Bank are for members only. Please use them and deposits items if you can! DO NOT take items to sell or share and don't use the guild bank to store items for yourself.
Any violation of the guild or game rules will result in a warning. If a problem continue you will face possible loss of privileges(being demoted) or removal from the guild. Members are on a three strike limit. Remember when you are in a guild your actions don’t just reflect on you they reflect on the guild as a whole.

What We Expect of Our Members

The Dragonlords expect their member to follow the set game rules as well as the guild rules, to be respectful, honorable and friendly. We ask that you do not use anonymous because it removes your guild tag so please try to use roleplaying instead. Try and "be the bigger person” in a disagreement, such as someone stole your camp or named don’t go train them, send them a tell and if the problem persists talk to their guild or report them. We will add some tips in forums on how to handle some issues you may encounter in the game. Help each other out. There are tons of things to do in the game and when we work together things get very easy. Try spend some time helping each other out every day. We ask our members to be active and join in guild chats and groups when logged on and that you report all your alts to an officer so they can be marked. We also expect our members to be a good reflection of the guild. If our code of ethics, rules and such are followed we will only make a better name for ourselves and make the game more friendly. We also ask that all members attend the monthly guild meeting, check their in game e-mail weekly because officer will send reminders and info via the in game emails, join the guild site, check it for updates and events, use it as a place to get to know each other better and share information.

What To Expect From Our Officers

Officers of the Dragonlords have been chosen because they have proven to be respectful, honorable, loyal, friendly and helpful. Officers will help with leveling, AA’s, quests, tasks and questions whenever possible. Officers are our recruiters so if you know of anyone who is looking to join a guild or wants to join our please let one of them know. If you have an issues with a member of the guild please an officer know and they will try to handle situation. If you have an issues with a player outside of the guild and would like help contact an officer that is what they here for. Most of all officers are expected to follow the code of ethics, rules, enforce policies and most of all set a good example for our members and others player as well.

New Member Policy

As new member of the Dragonlords you will be given the rank of junior member with your join date posted in notes. You will have access to the guild hall, guild bank guild portal and guild chat. The main difference between a junior member and a member is you only get one warning if you break a rule then are removed from the guild on your following offence. Its more of away to keep track of how long you have been in the guild and to make sure we are right for you. After 90 days of being a junior member you will become a member and will fall in to the three strike rule.

Member Inactivity Policy

As the guild continues to grow we have decided that we need to start editing down our roster by starting an inactivity policy. If you have not logged on one of your guilded toons, alt or main, in 90 days you will be demoted to a junior member, the date you where demoted will be put in guild notes and you will be sent an e-mail letting you know. If you continue to be inactivate for 60 days after being demoted to junior member you will be removed from the guild and an in game e-mail will be sent to you. It is very important that you make sure are your alts/bots are marked in the guild roster so that one of your toons does not end up demoted or removed because you have not been playing it. If this does happen please let an officer know so they can fix it right away. If you are removed from the guild due to inactivity you will be allowed to rejoin when you become an active player again. If you know you are going to be gone for a long period of time please send an officer a tell or in game e-mail so they can make a note.

Officer Inactivity Policy

As an officer of the Dragonlords you are expected to be an active player, it is part of why you where chosen to be one. Officers who are inactive for 30 days will be demoted to member and the date put in the guild notes. After being demoted to the rank of member you will fall under the same inactivity policy as all the other members. Again if you are going to be gone for a long period of time let Werewolf and the other officers know so we can make a note and not demote you. If an officer is inactive for 30 days and returns he/she can talk to Werewolf and he will decide if you will become and officer again or not.

If you have any questions about any of the above policies please contact Werewolf or any officer via tells or in game e-mail. Thank you and happy hunting!

NOTE: Member and Officer Inactivity Policies will begin Oct. 1st, 2012
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